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To your immediate right is all that remains of the first model Police Box I ever made.  A single photo.  Made out of card sometime round 1988, it stood about 9 inches high and I can thank a severe bout of 'flu for its construction, since that's what I did during my week off work.  It had a working lamp that connected via two wires out of the base to a 9V battery.  I'd stolen the bulb from a road lamp, so it flashed.  Unfortunately since I'd glued the bulb in, once it popped I couldn't replace it.  I eventually gave the model away to my boss's daughter, because she was a Doctor Who fan.

Time marched on. Relationships came and went, I got married and grew older, kids and life intervened, and then for some mad reason, in 2003 I decided to try and build another one.

Way back in the 70s when I was a teenage Doctor Who fan, I wrote to the Metropolitan Police and asked if they had a copy of the original Police Box plans.  They did, and I still have the photocopy (looking a bit brown and faded).  I initially worked from this, but during the course of building it I discovered the Tardis Builders web site, a forum whose members are only interested in one thing - building model (and full-size) Police Boxes and/or TARDISes.  The rest is history.


Assorted TARDIS Model Builds:

Build 1 - The First Met Build (2003-2008)

Build 2 - Mile End Fire Brigade Box Build (2008)

Build 3 - Pertwee Era Box Build (2008)

Build 4 - Season 18 Hybrid (2008)

Build 5 - The Forgotten Yardley Jones Model (2008)

Build 6 - The Seven Day TARDIS (2008)

Build 7 - New Season TARDIS - Bad Wolf Variant (2010)

Build 8 - New 2010 Season TARDIS

Build 9 - Double Yardley Jones Builds (2010)

Build 10 - Brachaki Build (2010-2011)


Build 11 - Another Matt Smith TARDIS (2011)

Build 12 - The "Cushing" Dalek Movies TARDIS (2011)

The War TARDIS Mod (2014)


Assorted TARDIS Model Plans:

Original Met Plans (Mk1) 

Original Met Plans (Mk1B)

Original Met Plans (Mk2)

TARDIS Prop (1966, "Cushing") Met Box (1996, Earls Court "Watchbox")

The TARDIS looks like a Police Box doesn't it?  So why have I made so many different models?

   More TARDIS/Police Box Related Stuff:

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Pix 2 - The Hendon Police College Box

Pix 3 - The Blackwall North Fire Brigade Box



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The Classic Series Ratings

Pix 4 - The Dalek Movies TARDIS








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