New Series Specials (2008-10) - The Ratings

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2008 saw the announcement that there would be no 5th series of Doctor Who in 2009.  Instead there would be a series of standalone specials spanning the year, allowing the the series to rest for a year, and a new production team to find their feet.  The first and last of these specials double up as 2008 and 2009's Christmas Specials, and from the look of things the old adage "Less Is More" has paid dividends. The lowest-rated story ("Planet of the Dead") peaks at 9.75 million, while the highest-rated ("The Next Doctor")  closes at 13.1 million.  The last three pull Final ratings of above 10 million, with both of David Tennant's 2-part swan-song "The End of Time" being watched by over 12 million viewers.

And what of the Timeshift? The average for this mini-season is 11.4%, slightly higher than Series 3, but this is probably due to "The Waters of Mars" only timeshifting by 9% - which I'd put down to a combination of it being shown in November, and there being nothing of interest on "the other side".

The rest of the Specials show a shift of between 10 and 13%, showing that viewing habits continue to change.  Doctor Who's mini gap-year closes with David Tennant handing over the TARDIS keys to a new Doctor, played by relatively unknown actor Matt Smith.

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