New Series 7 - The Ratings

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As with Series 6, Series 7 is split into two parts. The first 5 episodes are broadcast between 1st and 29th of September 2012, while the last 8 are shown between 30th of March and 18th of May 2013.  Because this season is split over two years we get two more Christmas Specials (one sandwiched in the middle, one at the end) and there's a 50th Anniversary Special there too.

Prior to Series 7 is the 2011 Christmas Special - "The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe".  Overnights 8.9 million, Finals 10.77 million. Timeshift 17.4%

Halfway through Series 7 we get the 2012 Christmas Special - "The Snowmen". Overnights 7.6 million, Finals 10.6 million.  Timeshift 28.3%

Then in November 2013, the 50th Anniversary Special - "The Day of the Doctor" - nets 10.2 million Overnights, 12.8 million Finals, and a Timeshift of 20.3%

Finally we wave goodbye to 2013 (and to Matt Smith) with "The Time of the Doctor" which brings in 8.3 million Overnight, 11.1 million Finals, and a Timeshift of 25.6%.

Meanwhile, Series 7 started with a Dalek story and 8.33 million viewers.  The next 4 stories rated between 7.5 and just over 8 million.  After the mid-season break the series returned with "The Bells of St John" and Jenna-Louise Coleman as new companion Clara. After an 8.44 million start, ratings drifted downwards to a familiar mid-season dip of around 6.5 before climbing back to 7.45 million for season finale "The Name of the Doctor".

Not a fantastically-performing season, but averaging out to 7.44 million, Series 7 seems to be about on a par with Series 3.  The Timeshift however continues to climb, with this season's average the highest so far - 25.6%.  Roll on 2014, Series 8, and Peter Capaldi!

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