New Series 3 - The Ratings

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Series 3 of Doctor Who begins on the 31st of March 2007 and ends on the 30th of June the same year.  Across the board things look reasonably similar to Series 2 in the distribution of peaks and troughs.  Unlike Series 2, the first story, "Smith & Jones", is watched by the most people (8.71 million).  Unusually for Doctor Who, the Daleks do not appear to be the draw they once were (possibly proving that there are far more exciting things than Daleks for 21st Century children), with the "Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution" two-parter pulling in the 2nd and 3rd lowest figures.

The story watched by least viewers is only a surprise in hindsight.  Fan favourite and acknowledged classic "Blink" only pulls in 6.62 million viewers, although its protaganists the Weeping Angels do become popular monsters and will be brought back at least three more times. 

Prior to Series 3 is of course 2006's Christmas Special  - "The Runaway Bride" - which pulls in 8.7 million on Overnights and 9.35 on Finals.

Series 3 on average does 7.55 million on Finals and 7.04 on Overnights. Although this shows a continuing drop in viewers since 2005, it is a small drop, and Doctor Who is still a phenomenally successful programme.  The Timeshift is averaging out to about 6.9%, indicating that again about 93% of viewers are still watching the original broadcast. Fan opinion in later years will point to this as evidence of Doctor Who still being considered "Event TV".  However it is more likely to be due to the fact that for most of the UK population Timeshift recording is still a few years in the future.

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