Season 25 - The Ratings

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Season 24 ends on the 7th of December 1987.  Season 25 starts on Wednesday the 5th of October 1988, 43 weeks later. Doctor Who is back in the middle of the week.

Season 25 is also only 14 episodes long. It looks like this will be the norm for Doctor Who for the forseeable future. 

The season begins relatively strongly with a highly fan-rated Dalek story...but when I say "relatively" I mean relative to the rest of the season.  Sadly the audience for the opening episode is only 5.5 million. This climbs to 5.8 for Week 2, but then drops to about 5 million for the last 2 weeks of the 4-parter. The rest of the season fares worse, with most episodes being watched by an audience of just above 5 million. The first episode of the Cybermen 3-parter "Silver Nemesis" inexplicably peaks at 6.1 million (despite not having the word "Cybermen" in its title), and the highest-rated episode is the last, when Part 4 of "The Greatest Show in the Galaxy" gets 6.6 million.

Ratings across the whole of Season 25 average out at 5.3 million, which means it only beats Season 24 (4.9) and "Trial of a Time Lord" (4.8). It is therefore the third-worst performing season of Classic Doctor Who so far.

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