Barbara May Brown (1919-2010)

My mum died on the morning of Sunday 5th September 2010. Some months after her death I scanned in some of her photos and some of mine to produce this, a kind of history of her life in pictures. It's not a very detailed history at all, because she was a very private person and although she didn't mind talking about her life, she didn't volunteer information unless asked.  So some of this may be wrong.  Unfortunately considering her age when she died (91) hardly anyone else who might be able to confirm any of these facts is still alive.  Still, I may have got the odd date wrong here and there, both I'm pretty certain this is mostly correct.



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Barbara May Breakey, 9 months old

India, January 1924., and my mum is 4 and a half years old. The crocodile is dead, by the way.

That's my Mum on the left.  The man standing behind is her Uncle Douglas (her mother's brother), while his wife is cuddling her.  The little boy standing on the right is her older brother Barney

Mum with her Uncle Douglas.  Feb 1927.  She's nearly 8.  Thanks to Jim Miller for this photo.





Mum with her Aunt Nell, Feb 1927.  Thanks to Jim Miller for this photo.

India, 1927.  Barbara is almost 8, Barney is almost 10.

Tennis at the Lawrence Royal Military School, India.  Barbara is on the far right, with the grumpy teenager expression.

1937.  Barbara worked at the school infirmary for a while, before travelling to England to begin her training at the West London Hospital, Hammersmith.  She's the one in the middle.

A couple of cheerful shots from 1943.






You can tell by the writing that this photo was sent to her cousin Peter.

A lovely passport sized photo from the same time.

A more formal shot here, perhaps from a few years later.

Assisting with an operation, perhaps from a military hospital, judging by the uniformed lady in the middle.

Mum in "full combat gear", possibly from just starting at West London, so maybe around 1938-9.





I would guess this is from West London (judging by the badges some of them are wearing).  I don't know what year, but it's obviously Christmas. 

Another unknown location.

West London Hospital.

West London Hospital.

Park Prewett Hospital, Basingstoke, 1940.  Originally an asylum, it was converted to military use during WWII.






Kingston County Hospital 1940, where Mum got her Midwife Qualification.

A stroll along the prom, possibly the early 1940s, judging by those legs!

June 1945.  Hooray! The War's nearly over!

Mum and her aunt, known to me as "Great Aunt Judy", probably taken in the Millers' garden in Portsmouth.

A hotel in Newquay, possibly 1953, with her friend Enid.


Enid & Barbara June 1953

December 1956, and Barbara has met her future husband, an artist named John Brown.

March 1957, and John Edward Brown marries Barbara May Breakey.

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