A Walk along the Soar in Infra-Red


Back in the 90s I decided to try taking infra-red photos.  I'd read about them, and all the interesting effects you could get with filters, so I purchased a roll of infra-red slide film and loaded it into my Zenith SLR.

I went for a walk along the River Soar, and the Loughborough Canal, with my then girlfriend, Paula.  This was summer 1991 as I recall.

Please excuse the spots on the slides.  They were 15 years old before I finally took them along to a shop to have them scanned into digital, and they didn't do them in the particularly correct order, so you've got canal mixed with river and so on..

Infra-red film reacts to the infra-red spectrum in strange ways.  If you add coloured filters to your camera lens you get what is often called a "false colour" effect. Adding a red filter produced the most dramatic effects - turning the vegetatation an orangey-yellow, and the sky and water (which is of course reflected sky) green.   

Infra-red also cuts out haze, which is why you can see that the sky and water surface is particularly sharp in these pictures, as are the clouds.

The least interesting photos - the ones where everything has a dull purplish cast - are the raw unfiltered photos.  I can't remember what filter I used for the ones where the vegetation is purple but the water is blue.  It may have been blue.  The girl in the pictures below is Paula.  The handsome chap in the middle picture above is me.