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I originally created this site to show off my model TARDIS build diary. Along the way I added some more

Police Box/TARDIS related stuff. I'm afraid I'm not particularly into helping enrich the Internet

Experience, so you won't find fancy graphics, JAVA applets, or even my email address (although

if you really want to contact me, try the guestbook).

In fact unless I've specifically directed you here, you probably won't even know about this 

place, which is fine by me. Anything for a quiet life.  But if you have found your way here, 

then by all means pop back every so often. You might find something new.


Hey, I've got a NEW Guestbook

('cos the old one was rubbish) 


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Great Central Railway Walks 1990s 


Nottingham Victoria Street

Tunnel Walk 2018 


Derelict '70s - Photos from my Essex childhood


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