Great Central Walks in the 1990s 


Back in the 80s/90s I lived in Loughborough.  Being a child of the 1970s, I became enamoured of the Great Central Railway, not 
the trains or the revived stations, but the derelict areas, the overgrown cuttings and embankments, the sad decrepitude of it all. 
Between approximately 1988 and 1991 I took several walks up the line with my camera.  On one Summer's day in 1990 I 
did a marathon stint from Stanford Viaduct as far as Rushcliffe Halt.  Later I discovered remnants of the 
line further north, in Nottinghamshire. 

Loughborough to Stanford Viaduct

Stanford on Soar to East Leake

East Leake to Rushcliffe Halt

Rushcliffe Halt

Ruddington Station

Wilford Embankment