Carnivorous Plants - 2011 


OK, I've been keeping carnivorous plants for about ten years now.  At first I kept them indoors, and found myself rapidly running out of shelves.  Then a few years later I hit upon the idea of planting them outside in artificial bogs. 

The bogs are basically planters, either with the holes stoppered up, or plastic-lined, so the water doesn't drain out.  These plants like their soil pretty wet.  Not all plants will cope with our outside climate, so I still have a few indoors, but I've got five bogs outside now, four of them in the back garden and one in the front. Click on the pictures to go to a page for each bog.

Bog 1

Bog 2

Bog 3

Bog 4

Bog 5

As for the indoor plants, go here.





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