Why Spacewarp?

Spacewarp the Hippy came into being sometime back in the late 70s.  Originally concieved as a t-shirt design he was for a time nameless (and mouthless) though from Day 1 he did have his trademark spikey hair, mirror shades, patched flares and afghan coat.  Over the next 10 years his head became a hastily-sketched addition to my signature on letters to penfriends...during which time he acquired a smile, and a name - "Spacewarp". 

More brief sketches followed over the next few years, often photocopied so they could form part of a letterhead, and at some stage a backstory appeared.  Spacewarp was a hippy from the Haight-Ashbury area of San Francisco who found himself drafted sometime around 1968.  During his tour of duty in the jungles of Vietnam he encountered a flying saucer which zapped him with a mysterious ray that jumped him twenty years into the future (the then late 1980s).  Further sketches attempted to turn him into some kind of social commentator on '80s life in general, and my current interests in particular. 

Along the way I drew both his best friend - Dogtag - and his girlfriend - Moonstone.  Sadly the sketch of Dogtag no longer exists (I was never really happy with it anyway), and by the early '90s no more drawings were forthcoming, and Spacewarp evolved into simply a fictitious name ("Spacewarp Enterprises") to fill in the "Company" section when installing  computer software.

Finally about 5 years ago I purchased the domain name Spacewarp.co.uk, and...here you are.


<-The first ever Spacewarp picture.  In fact he didn't even have a name back then.  I had recently got into T-shirt designing and one of my ideas was this, with the slogan "Cuddly Hippy Doll.  Wind it up...it gets stoned!"  Well the t-shirt never materialised, and the original picture didn't have a mouth, making him look rather like something from Camberwick Green.  Someone suggested I give him a smile, I did, and it seemed to give him a lot more character.  At one stage I entertained ideas of making him into a little stuffed doll, but that was a bit beyond my capabilities and I couldn't find anyone else who would do it without a lot of money.

I can't remember where or when the name came from, but it seemed to fit.

<-Now that Spacewarp had a mouth, I began to use him as a letter-head.  Here he is with a joint and a couple of joss-sticks. You will notice that in common with most cartoon characters he only has three fingers and a thumb.  He also now has elastic-sided cuban-heel boots instead of pumps...probably because that's what I was wearing at the time.

<-He's looking a bit more detailed now, and his jeans are a lot more stylish.  <-Around this time he acquired a girlfriend.  Her name is Moonstone. This is the only picture I ever drew of her.
<-In tune with his time-travelling aesthetic, Spacewarp occasionally visited the future.  Here he is riding one of the flying bikes ("Flykes") from my Skyriders trilogy.

<-I can't remember when I did this one, but I suspect it was round about 1990 judging by the spandex and boots.

It's probably the least cartoony depiction of Spacewarp I've ever done (he is pretty normally proportioned), but strangely he doesn't have a mouth.





















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