Derelict Essex


In 1975 I was 13.  It was the Seventies, and TV was full of apocalyptic Sci-Fi drama.  Planet of the Apes took us to derelict American city streets every other week, the Survivors were picking through the ruins of post-plague Britain, Doctor Who seemed to spend most of his time scrambling through quarries, and I'd finally upgraded my Chopper bicycle to a 10-speed racer. I'd also commandeered the family camera and was discovering that Essex was rich with industrial wastelands ripe for exploration. 

It's now 2010 and I've decided it's time I scanned in some of those old photos of long-gone factories and forts.  The camera was a poor point-and-click 126, and the pictures weren't great even then, but they're still a fascinating portrait of the places I visited in Essex and Kent before the developers moved in. 

These photographs are copyright Dave Brown.  Do not use them without asking permission or assigning credit.

The Gull at Grays Beach 

Shornemead Fort (Updated with Panoramic Views!)

Cliffe Fort (Updated with Panoramic Views!)

Coalhouse Fort

Grays Wharf

Piggs Corner

Wouldham Cement Works

Hogg Lane Pit (now Badgers Dene) (Updated with Panoramic Views!)

East Tilbury Coast - Wharf Cranes

The PLA Ditch 

The Pit and Grays Beach (Updated with Panoramic Views!)

Coalhouse Point

Awesome Tarzie Down the Murco!      

Coalhouse Battery (NEW!!)