Badgers Dene

(formerly Hogg Lane pit)


On either side of Hogg Lane were two large and old quarries.  The one to the east was still occupied by industry, but the one to the west was at least a century old and housed a forest.  This pit is now home to the Badgers Dene housing estate, but back in the early '70s it was a very different place.  If you live there now, this is what your neighbourhood used to look like.

NEW! - And here's all the above photos in a panoramic view!

In 1979 I bought my first 35mm camera (a Zenith SLR) and the photos got a bit better.  The following are all I ever took from inside the pit.  I wish I'd taken more, as the ruins were extensive.  The last I heard they were trying to designate the pit as a nature reserve due to rare orchids.  I guess they failed.

Not in the Pit itself, but up at Hogg Lane level, there was a large area of waste ground with what looked like concrete army emplacements.  These ruins no longer exist as the land has been completely redeveloped for the Chafford Hundred housing estate.  These are the only 3 photos I ever took.