Coalhouse Fort


Ahh...Coalhouse Fort!  By far the largest and best-preserved of the Thames forts, Coalhouse is situated on the north bank of the river in East Tilbury.  The fort today is well-managed, but in the 1970s when I used to visit it, things were a bit different.  The structure was in a state of poor repair, but on the plus side, you could easily climb up on the roof.  These first eight photos are of me doing just that, and are the first pictures I ever took in Coalhouse Fort, on a lovely Spring morning, when I'd swear I was the only person in the grounds.

The camera had what looks like a lens problem when the sun was in the wrong direction, hence the peripheral blurring in several shots. 

Over the next couple of years I found my way into the courtyard and took more photos of the interior.  I could have got hold of a torch and explored the subterranean tunnels, but quite frankly I wasn't interested.  Ruins were what I liked, not damp and dark passageways.  Besides, although I was only about 14 I was probably sensible enough to realise that going into underground passageways on my own, when no-one knew I was there, was probably a bad idea.  By the way, that isn't a smudge on the 2nd photo along's a bird in flight.

3D Coalhouse

I've always been interested in Stereo photography, having the ability to "freeview" by going cross-eyed.  Unfortunately I only took 5 stereo pictures of the fort.  They link to stereo pairs which you can freeview on-screen.  Hence the left picture is for the right eye, and vice versa.  If you want to create your own stereo pairs, links to the individual pictures are below.

01 Left   01 Right 

02 Left   02 Right 

03 Left   03 Right 

04 Left   04 Right

  05 Left   05 Right