Cliffe Fort


Further back down the Kent coast from Shornemead is Cliffe Fort.  A kind of mirror image of Coalhouse Fort (which is directly opposite), Cliffe is not open to the public (the land is owned by Blue Circle Cement) and so is almost as delapidated as Shornemead.  However it is a bigger structure and so more interesting.

I took two trips out there in the '70s, managing to climb on top and down inside the courtyard.  On approach the similarity to Coalhouse is very striking.

 I'm walking round the East side here, towards the front of the Fort, facing the river.

The first three pictures above are the overgrown front of the fort - not much to see.  Then I got into the courtyard...

...which was much more interesting.  As you can see from the blue tent and motorbike, someone spent the night. 

The lower levels were flooded, but the upper levels were clear, so I got some decent shots from inside.

My flash had probably run out of batteries by the time I took the first one above, but if you look carefully you can see the "water tower" at Coalhouse Point on the opposite bank of the Thames.

NEW! - Here's a couple of panoramic views stitched together from some of the above photos: