Shornemead Fort


The stretch of the Thames from Grays to Southend is littered with forts and gun emplacements on both sides of the river. Tilbury Fort was open to the public and in good condition, but I always found the run-down derelict ones more interesting.  You couldn't get more run-down than Shornemead in Kent, just across the river from Tilbury. 

Built at the end of the 19th Century, Shornemead never really saw active service and was decommissioned after WWII.  During the 1950s it was apparantly used by the Army for target practice.  Here's my shots from a dry and sunny day sometime in the mid 1970s.  The somewhat hazy aspect to the photos is down to the fact that the photos are old, the day was bright (probably with a lot of UV), and the 1970s did actually look like that.

Great place for motorbike scrambling apparantly, at least when the ground was dry.  The banks of the Thames are very marshy and prone to flooding.

This is the "inside" of the fort, showing plainly that it wasn't actually a fort but a battery.  More of an "other" side really.

Just to prove my point about scrambling, here's some 1970s kids on bikes. You can see the flared trousers even from this distance.

NEW - Here's a panorama view of the inside of the fort using some of the above pictures: